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Customer Policy

Northwest Nurseries is a wholesale nursery (please review our Wholesale Policy). We require a copy of the Washington State Department of Revenue Reseller Permit of our customers. This requirement for a Reseller Permit is a company policy, independent of whether your company chooses to pay sales tax or not.

Your Reseller Permit must identify your Business Activity as ‘Landscape Services’, ‘Landscape Architectural Services’, ‘Site Preparation Contractors’, ‘Nursery and Garden Services’, or another business supporting the landscape industry.

You can email your Reseller Permit to purchasing@nwnurseries.com.

A Business License or Reseller Permit that does not indicate a business related to the landscaping industry will not comply. Upon verification of your company status we can provide you with website login credentials.

Please visit the Washington State Reseller website for more information or to apply for a Reseller Permit.

Landscapers: please do NOT send in your customers to look for plants without you. They will be turned away.

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