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Delivery Policy

We can provide deliveries for orders of $1,000.00 or more. The Fee is $150.00 for deliveries in the greater Seattle area; and increases for longer trips and for trips requiring ferries. Please refer to our fee schedule for accurate pricing.

Deliveries are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Spring and fall are busy times, so please plan accordingly.

You’ll need to provide us with a delivery address, a phone number and an e-mail address of the onsite contact person who will be receiving the plant material. This will be the person we try to contact concerning any delivery issues.

The delivery time you are given is a one-hour window.  It is an estimated time of arrival and isn’t considered to be guaranteed. We’ll do our best to be there at that time, but please be aware that the time may vary due to traffic conditions and other events outside of the drivers control. The driver will attempt to communicate with the on-site contact if there is going to be a significant delay.

Northwest Nurseries does not send a delivery crew. We send only the driver, who will facilitate the offloading of the truck; but is not able to move, place, or distribute plants throughout the job site.  We expect that there will be adequate people on-site to help off load your order. This is extremely important as we often have multiple deliveries scheduled and delays at one location adversely affect the stops scheduled later.

If parking is tight, limited, or restricted, please plan ahead to provide space for our trucks to park and safely unload. Our trucks are over 30’ long and use lift gates to offload large trees. Often parallel parking is not an option. We cannot block a residential street to off load our trucks. (RCW 46.61.570)

 For larger material, machinery may be needed to remove the tree from the truck.  As a rule of thumb, assume all trees 3.75” caliper/12’ or bigger will need machinery to help offload. Northwest Nurseries reserves the right to deny deliveries if there is no crew or machinery at the delivery site.

A few days before a delivery, we will send out an email confirming the delivery and ask for a verification of both the delivery address and the on-site contact information. Please review the sales order for accuracy, and to let us know about any challenging delivery instructions: such as steep driveways or confusing mapping addresses.

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